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Aquamira Water Treatment

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Aquamira Water Treatment for Hiking and CampingIf you're tired of pumping water through a water filter for what seems like an interminable amount of time in order to have a couple of gallons of safe water for camp, or if you don't like the taste of iodine or chlorine treated water, this is a product that is a real breakthrough.  And it will cost you only about ten or twelve cents a quart!    

Aquamira Water Treatment is a new E.P.A. registered water treatment designed for wilderness and adventure travelers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, emergency preparedness kits, and anyone concerned about the quality of drinking water.  Aquamira is suitable for treating and improving the taste of water from rivers, lakes, streams, straight from the tap, and more!

Aquamira Water Treatment is stabilized chlorine dioxide and contains no active chlorine or iodine.  Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective and safe water treatment currently used by hundreds of municipal water treatment plants world-wide.  Aquamira's unique formula works quickly and efficiently by releasing oxygen in a highly active form to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa without unpleasant taste or odor!  Aquamira is the first stabilized chlorine dioxide water treatment kit of its kind available in a consumer package.

The Aquamira Water Treatment kit is an easy-to-use, two-part system containing two 1 oz. (30ml) bottles with dropper-tip applicators and mixing cap.  Aquamira has a shelf life of four years.  Once opened, the product will remain effective until the expiration date if stored properly.  The kit treats up to 30 gallons of water.  Aquamira may be used to treat water immediately prior to use, prior to storage, and to refresh existing stored water supplies.

What is Aquamira?  Aquamira is a two part system, Part A, chlorine dioxide, 1 oz. (30ml) (2% stabilized chlorine dioxide), and Part B, phosphoric acid, 1 oz. (30ml) (5% food-grade solution).

Is there chlorine in Aquamira?  No, there is no active chlorine in chlorine dioxide.  Although chlorine dioxide has the word chlorine in its name, the two forms of chlorine have completely different chemical structures.  The oxygen radically changes the molecule and creates completely different chemical behaviors and by-products.  Just like the chlorine in sodium chloride (table salt) is safe and will not treat water, the chlorine in Aquamira is not the active ingredient.  The oxygen is the active ingredient.

How safe is Aquamira?  Water treated as directed with Aquamira is safe to drink on a regular basis.  Other water treatment chemicals may create foul tastes and odors, and discolor water.  Some chemicals, like iodine, chlorine, and other halogens, create potentially harmful by-products.

How is Aquamira Drops used?  Aquamira parts A and B must be premixed in the small mixing cap before adding it to water.  Premixing activates the chlorine dioxide and begins the release of oxygen that kills bacteria.  The mixture will turn yellow as the chlorine dioxide activates.  Only then is Aquamira ready to be added to drinking water.  Place 7 drops Aquamira (Part A) and 7 drops Activator (Part B) in a clean cup or the mixing cap.  Let the mixture react for 5 minutes.  Fill a container with 1 quart of water and add the contents of cup or cap.  Shake well and let stand for 15 minutes.  If the water is very cold, cloudy, or if Cryptosporidium is suspected, let stand for 30 minutes.  Water is now ready for use.  If you are treating a large Qty. of water, premix enough Aquamira to treat the entire container of water with one dose.  Do not treat large containers of water with multiple small doses.  It will work in water temperatures from 32 to 100 degrees F.


Stock # Name of Product Price
Aquamira Drops, 1 oz, treats up to 30 gallons...
MSRP: $14.99
Aquamira Drops, 2 oz, treats up to 60 gallons...
MSRP: $24.99

Free Shipping on all orders over $100 to the contiguous 48 with quantity discounts starting at $200.


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